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About Us

As a team of avid outdoorsman, we enjoy nothing more than spending time in the field with family and friends who share the same love and passion for wildlife and wild places. Hunting has been a staple of each of our lives for generations, and will continue for generations to come as we pass along the excitement and amazement that is part of every hunt.

During a hunt our focus is intent on absorbing every detail of the environment  around us, to ensure, that when the opportunity presents itself, we are prepared. After the hunt, our focus turns to sharing all those details and heart pounding moments with others. We have set out to design lifestyle clothing and accessories that reflect our passion for hunting, and are perfect for those post hunt moments shared between a grandfather and grandson, or a group of good friends. Our clothing sets the stage for the story of the hunt, or the imparting of strategies from one generation to the next.

We hope you share our passion!